Genius loci, or the transformative spirit that presides in the archives.

The work transmutes Freud’s prosthetic jaw (Freud Museum Collection) – so called “The Monster”, since it locked him within a forced silence – into a fictional muse that antithetically vandalises the genuity of archives.

The prime matter relates to selected footage from artist’s archives recorded in public art venues, natural and human environments further recast by principles of visual and listening assonances.
Each fragment refers to an ongoing process, whether it’s physical, psychic, organic or social, through a generative sonic organism.

List of Items and Archives (in order)

Freud Prosthetic Jaw (Freud Museum Collection, London, dated 1927, picture collected on November 3rd 2023)

Soundscapes_ Julian Charriere and Julius Von Bismark, Clokwork installation (made with concrete mixers running indoors), Centro Luigi Peggi Prato IT, February 28th 2017; Honeybees dwelling a nest indoors, footage 8′, personal archive, my studio’s window, Perugia, IT, August 2018; Jet engine propulsion, Ryanair flight from London to Rome, 2020; Commuters on Piccadilly line, London 2020; an Immigrant’s Room of Her Own, Osman Yousefzada, Whitechapel Gallery, London, August 31st 2023; Marina Xenofontos, Public Domain installation, Camden Art Center, November 11st 2023; Still life_Un momento prima trovare, video 3′ 2020, personal archive, original footage, unproductive fragment; water route, Chiusi Lake, IT, summer 2022; Windy forest down the road, Cortona, IT, March 29th  2021; The flight only occurs because it’s impossible, Jota Mombaça (2018), footage, Serpentine Gallery, London, September 8th 2023; Citadel, John Smith, video, 6′, Whitechapel Gallery, London, August 2023; The Waiting Room, Sarah Zse, Peckam Rye, London, September 2023; The Ego and the Id, book, first edition text, 1927, Sigmund Freud Museum Collection, footage, November 3rd 2023; Bees digging onto the surface of a sculpture after an exhibition, personal archive, Trento IT, July 2019; Ja Ja Ja Ja Ja Nee Nee Nee Nee, Joseph Beuys, Aktion mit Christiansen und Johannes Stuttgen, 1968, Hamburger Bahnhof  Berlin DE, April 2021; beehive put on fireby beekeepers due to infestation, personal archive, September Perugia, IT 22nd 2020; Great Wax Moths’ larva dwelling on bubble wrap, personal archive, Perugia IT, summer 2022; Swinging curtain in a windy day, at the top of a building, Mayfair, September 16th, London, 2020; Ceiling light installation, unlabelled footage,   Chiostro del Bramante, Rome IT, summer 2019; Fat to Ashes, Pauline Curnier Jardin, Museum  für Gegenwart, Berlin DE, June 2021; Urphänomen sculpture in the forest, rusted-wind turbine in action, personal archive, Perugia IT, December 2019; Walkie Talkie building footage, personal archive, London October 2020; River Gravenay running through Tooting, personal archive, London, May 2023; Victoria Stations’ escalator, personal archive, London, November 2021; shower on a car window by night, personal archive, Perugia IT, November 2023; Bus 149 stopping at Bishopsgate an commuter’s hand in a rainy day personal archive, London, October 2023; Great wax Moth dwelling on a sculpture within a screen, personal archive, London, October 2023; tanning bed and woman approaching in Stoke Newington, personal archive, London, November 2023; Babel, Cildo Mereiles, installation 2001, footage from Tate Modern, London, September 29th 2023; Bus 87 Fori Imperiali, footage 16′ personal archive, Rome 2018; moth running in circle into an acrylic screen, footage 2′ personal archive, London, September 2023; Art in the City, ceiling-based video installation in a building’s hall, footage 1′, personal archive, London, August 2023; Honeybees dwelling in the upper threshold of a window, personal archive, Perugia IT, September 2022; Green in the Groves, Tamara Henderson, installation footage, Camden Art Center, November 10th 2023; Alternative Economies, Rehana Zaman, video 28′, footage, Whitechapel Gallery, November 18th 2023;