beəing women together was not enough


video installation __ specs
height 5 cm  
width 150 cm  
depth 100 cm
smart monitor 47 inch (included) remote controlled/ featuring USB & ethernet _ 220-240 V 50/60 hz 275 W 
medina zabo
beəing women together was not enough (2023) *
color video 47 inch monitor, synthetic wigs (“togo girl” model) sewed on a cotton sleeve, wooden base (5x100x120)
single-channel video, 08,48 min (no embedded captions)

the floor installation embodies a sculptural approach to diverse matters developing a video collage that ends with speculating on a binary narrative and clustered aesthetics after contemporary feminism.

the video pops up as an instagram story dealing with a group of so-called queenless honeybees whilst buzzing in phototaxis and playing their communication around a light. The scene takes place into an artificial environment purpose-built, whose taxonomy is candily fixed in real and virtual altogether; finally enclosed by a string of synthetic “togo-girl” ponytails sewed in circle on the monitor sleeve under.

even bees’ native sound was manipulated according different frequencies up to create a new rhythm unrecognizable to our ears though.

could we yet call them bees within a reinvented frame cyborg alike? are they still the same camouflaged in beə-ing a social-subject?

on the whole the work draws strength from the theories of audre lorde, either dialectically or as a bodily experience through the sheer nature of the materials in token of culture-gender and biology-sex frameworks.

*being women together wasn’t enough; 

 from audre lorde, a new spelling of my name, 1982, paperback editions

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