living like bees

how do we colonize the matter? my approach aims to foreground disturbance and faults in different semiotic patterns towards its potential to effect unforeseen parts. it highlights the issue of metamorphosis in nature as a metaphor of social frameworks and regulations, by reversing semantic relations between conceptions and materials, beyond human ends and actions.

my mixed background and a six months cohabiting in 2013 with a colony of swarming bees in the once dining room of my house have led me into deepening similarities between man and honeybees in social learning; hence to explore and evoke phenomena of colonization in different environments and matters, up to transcode it in a multifaceted art practice.

at the core of my investigation is calcified beeswax, sourced from infested/parasited honeycombs, that are colonized by great wax moth (aka galleria mellonella), processed in the manner of manmade construction materials, eventually recoded according to human aesthetic.  

this special kind of bone tissue-like matter comes from dismantled beehives, thus  meant to be destroyed, as far as unproductive for human activity. within such a vision, bees construct nests made of cells, moths keep on colonizing them and build a new scenario, endlessly: although our standpoint acknowledges any epiphany from real world by itself, we go furtherly manipulating it to create our candy-coloured simulacrum of nature. 

the artistic process seeks to trigger a dialogue between never-ending processes of nature and the serial character of man-made features, mostly focusing thereof on stainless steel and RAL-colours, as well as iconographies and further materials relate to occurrences evidences, remnants of domestication or change of state. my working methods are those from renaissance oil painting and street art as well, plugged in across various sculpting techniques.’s living with bees .. get a peek!

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