medina zabo (arezzo, it*79) is an interdisciplinary artist  whose investigation finds expression within intersecting  methods across pop art, land art and renaissance painting to foreground issues and dynamics of colonisation and metamorphosis mutually in human communities and natural environments.

after a career as a journalist and video reporter, interested mostly in environmental and social topics, in 2012 she stepped down to pursue exclusively her path to becoming an artist. after years of self-education, she studied painting at accademia di belle arti pietro vannucci in perugia and accademia di belle arti di roma, it; currently lives and works half a year between etruria (it) and east london (uk).

2005_ MA in communication studies, università degli studi di perugia, degree dissertation in semiotics;

2015-2019_ BA painting program_ alumna  of accademia di belle arti pietro vannucci, perugia; alumna of accademia di belle arti di roma; 

2010_ IED istituto europeo di design rome campus, specialisation course, web communication & new media

artist in residence, mabos museo d’arte del bosco della sila, catanzaro 09*21

artist in residence pilotenkueche international program leipzig  quarter II *2021 

phantasmagoria award- winning curators’ selection 2020, artrepreneur_arts org. new york – shortlisted for people’s choice 2021/ printmaking section

award-winning o.r.a prize 2018 for artistic research selected by curva pura+roots

finalist at 13th international arte laguna prize, land art section 

exhibitions archive 2021-2016 

il paesaggio futuro_rappresentazione/immaginazione, castelnuovo fotografia ed.IX, site specific installation curated by michela becchis, rocca colonna, rome *21, october (catalogue);
oltre cenere_ curatorship by kristel masiello, franciele morrone, catanzaro, artistic direction of mabos museo d’arte del bosco della sila, sense-residence, september *21 (upcoming catalogue)
language gaps, curated by joanna glinkowska, galerie kub, pilotenkueche international art program, leipzig, june *21; 
play deep play, contextual experiment around pk47 air program, curated by joanna glinkowska, on going;
reimagining hope_ MOP month of photography denver, curated by samantha johnston and CPAC colorado photographic arts center, daniel &fischer clock tower, denver, march *21;
human perception, by art curator anna isopo, group show, cogalleries, berlin, october *20 (catalogue);
international b_video art festival, extreme form of video art worldwide, curated by natalia monakhova and andrey slaschilin, khodynka gallery, moscow october *20;  
#tempofermo, group show in two parts, curated by christian ciampoli, text by chiara scarlato, 16 civico, pescara, may *20;
paratissima art in the city (selected artist), by simonetta pavanello, art week turin *19; 
natura naturans, curated by valeria guglielmi, sponsored by municipality of cortemiliachiesa conventuale di san francesco in cortemilia, cuneo august *19; 
diversioni, curated by davide silvioli, centro della documentazione e ricerca artistica luigi di sarro, rome, june *19; 
materia prima, curated by michela becchis, curva pura gallery + boccanera gallery, castello aliprandini laifenthurn, trento, june_july *19 (catalogue); 
arte laguna  prize, arsenale of venice, march-april *19 (catalogue); 
f-u-t-u-r-a 3018 experimental arts festival curated by subsculture, rete dei festival di treviso, municipality of treviso, site specific performance, porta santi quaranta, treviso, october *18; 
dentro e fuori, land art group show, sponsored by municipality of perugia and accademia di belle arti pietro vannucci, park of civitella d’arna castle, perugia, august *18;
*in buono stato*, solo show, curva pura gallery, rome, june_ september *18; 
brana_altri mondi, omaggio a brajo fuso curated by andrea baffoni, group show, fuseum contemporary art center, perugia, feb-april *18 (catalogue); 
raw-rome art week, group show, medina roma contemporary art gallery, october *17
*l’accordo quadro si usa solo per le manutenzioni*– duo solo show zabo_moroni, palazzo moretti, franco rasetti onlus, perugia, august-september *17; 
premio nazionale antonio ranocchia (honourable mention) sponsored by institutional partners, museo dinamico del laterizio marsciano perugia, may *17; 
mimmo paladino and the young artists, curated by museo tattile omero, sponsored by institutional partners and tactus contemporary art center, mole vanvitelliana, ancona, june_july *17 (catalogue);
opera pr1ma, various curators, artistic coordination by lucilla ragni, sponsored by sistema museo, regione umbria &aba, *spello pinacotheque, july-november *16 (catalogue);
anopticon_panopticon, audiovisual and performing arts _ international festival segnali, sponsored by institutional partners& accademia belle arti pietro vannucci, group show, trebisonda contemporary art center perugia, may *16;

permanent installations_ urphänomen, procura della repubblica, palazzo martorelli orsini, spoleto, *17 perugia, curated by accademia di belle arti di perugia; con_tratto di simultaneità, mabos, catanzaro *21  

workshops/ contributions

ambassador for emerging artists at IAF international authors forum 2018;

playing performer for andreco _”the end of anthropocene era”, contemporary art center luigi pecci, prato, february 2017 __ eliza soroga _re-enactment of “women in agony”, arsenale of venice, march 2017  __ aram bartholl _weeping angels, 57th venice biennale, hyper pavilion, may-september 2017

artists residencies at beverly pepper’s studio sponsored by fondazione progetti beverly pepper _ (january 2017) (november 2018); opera pr1ma off/beverly featuring accademia di belle arti pietro vannucci; set up of the exhibition “beverly pepper tra todi e il mondo” curated by massimo mattioli, sponsored by bp foundation.

hdemia de rooms, delollis underground collective, rome, october *18; sciame-project international collective;

creative writing&drawing teacher at jobel group, rome, autumn 2018

workshop lemniscate – the art of infinity curated by petia knebel– from augsburg university, sponsored by fine arts academy pietro vannucci, perugia, april 2016

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