december 16  _ have a short prime vision in issue #8 of contemporary identities art magazine: you can go viewing some unreleased works of mine (mostly no longer available) freshly featured in the last issue of contemporary identities, focused on changes and a return to humanity. the curators’ choise will be deepened furtherly later, stay tuned!  now you can peek in for a short prime! especially regarding the original version of tamed h/abit (scheduled for a  solo in may at curva pura subsequently deleted) click here and enjoy! 


october 30 _ winner of phantasmagoria opencall on artrepreneur platform! a great news, my work dyonisus’ ear has been selected as winning by artrepreneur team, shortlisted for the open call “phantasmagoria”. what a delightful surprise!  see winners 

october 8 _ bad video art international festival is finally on air! my video work “overly didactic” (2019) is running at khodynka gallery in moscow! the festival carries on a debate about extreme forms of video art worldwide, as the intersection of bad art, bad painting and bad cinema (b-movies, cult, camp, trash) still has not been introduced as an independent category for a profound studying. preview!

curators: natalia monakhova and andrey slaschili. on going

september 26_ let’s warm up muscles! i’m included in human perception an easy group show at cogalleries torstraße170, berlin, opening on october 2, pleased to show the novel work _tamed_h/abit_ (2020), a study on colours perception: colour as a landmark both in pollen routes and urban routes.  ++opening hours +++monday friday 12-6 pm+++saturday 10am-1pm

august 8th_ i’m compelled to decline my partecipation to tracks traces tracce, what a pity! maybe next time

july 28_ upcoming project in rome, sant’oreste (monte soratte), in the ancient venues of monastero santa maria delle grazie – track traces tracce_art residency and final group show (on going until sept. 6) curated by ilaria paccini, sponsored by municipality of sant’oreste and institutional partners. read more about it

may 9th_ happy to accept the invitation to take part to #tempofermo, a group show exhibition currently by online viewing, curated da christian ciampoli – at contemporary space 16civico. all the exhibiton projects are posponed, it’s so bad, whilst we all keep working and need to, strongly. take a look at my contribution! a site-specific work about communication and mass_control. 

april 30th_ a short interview posted on tits&co platform! just a few words to explain what i’m doing  with parasitized beeswax and why i have begunamazing! tits & co. aims to recognize and support the high standard of work that female and female-identifying artist produce in a safe, engaging and powerful platform. click here to read! 

april_ parma2020 at the present time is indefinitely delayed to a later date confini ttt – tempo, terra, trame di vitavisioni dall’infra-ordinario – at meg fondazione ettore guatelli, curated by elisabetta pozzetti and mario tucci.


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